Short post about my workout routine + eating healthy!


Even though I may not be in my best shape (yet!), I love working out and being active. Not only it helps me to stay healthy and shreds the unwanted extra fat, it also boosts my stamina, self-confidence and refresh my mind. I used to go to the gym for couple years, but then I decided to terminate my membership and started working out at home, because I realize it offers the same benefit as going to the gym, also I can use the money for everything else like makeup, clothes, shoes, food etc.

I workout at least 3 times a week and it’s a combination of cardio like running, swimming, dancing or kick-boxing and weight-lifting / high-intensity workout to build muscles.

As for my diet, it has always been healthy-oriented ever since I started working out regularly, but these days I try to eat more vegetables & fruits, whole grains and nuts and I also try to go easy on rice and other type of simple carbs like bread and noodles even though it is hard because I loveeeee carbs ♥️ #carbswarrior

Here’s a picture of my first avocado flower🌼


Surprisingly, it’s not that hard to make! You guys can find the tutorial on how to make this all over Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or whatever social media you’re on, but let me know if you guys want me to make one, I’d be glad to do it!

Hopefully this short post can inspire you guys to get healthier this month! Let me know if you guys want more in-depth workout routine and/or healthy foods inspiration ☺️


Agnes ❤️


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