Inexpensive products that help me stay matte

Just in case I haven’t mentioned it before, I have an extremely oily face. Oily skin can be quite tricky for makeup user, especially during the summer when makeup easily melts and/or slides from it’s place.

Besides of being a student, I work part-time in a restaurant, and some days, I have to work whole day, which requires me to have my makeup on for 12 hours. During the winter, I don’t really encounter any problem with my makeup, but as soon as the summer starts, I’m a desperate grease ball by the end of my shift, even worse, sometimes my makeup starts to melt after 6 hours, which is horrible.

So I did my research on this and I found TONS of products that might actually work like magic keeping my makeup in place, but they’re slightly over my current budget, for example this Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray or the Mattifying Powder. Now I said ‘might’ because I personally never tried those products before, but at some point, I will. But for now, I have found inexpensive products that have been saving my shiny face during this summer.

Without any further do, let’s get down to the products! I will go by the order I’m putting them onto my face.

So the first one, gotta be this Gel Moisturizer by Scinic.


I put moisturizer on my skin before makeup because sometimes, over-oiliness on our face can actually be caused by it needs of moisture, so it produces more oil in order to keep our face hydrated.I heard that gel moisturizer is better for oily skin since they’re less likely clog up pores. As for this particular moisturizer, it’s super hydrating without leaving sticky feeling on my skin afterwards.

Next one, this Nivea Men Post Shave Balm.


I bought this from Target for around $6. Now some of you guys might have already heard about this from Nikkietutorials  as she raves about this product a lot on her YouTube channel and her blog, that this product actually work really well as a makeup primer because one of the main ingredients is glycerin which make products stick to it. Surprise, surprise. I was skeptical but curious at the same time, but she ensures everyone to give it a try because it actually works. And it does! It helps my makeup stay in place, but if you have sensitive skin like I do, you might want to use the one for sensitive skin instead of the regular one.

The third product is this BANILA CO Prime Primer Finish Powder.


I can’t believe I haven’t write about this product considering how much I love this! It really does the job of dialing down the oiliness on my face BUT STILL sadly this alone wasn’t enough. I use this after I finish all my makeup, before the setting spray. I’m new to setting spray by the way, for months I only used this finish powder to set my makeup and it does an amazing job, it’s just me that too oily 😂😂😂

Last but not least, this Makeup Setting Spray – Matte by NYX.


My first ever makeup setting spray and really, I couldn’t complain about what I get at $8 price point. It does the job, but since it’s my first setting spray, I couldn’t compare it to any other setting spray. However, I really like this product!

So that’s about it! Hope you guys enjoy this post and let me know on the comment if you guys have favorite products that will keep makeup stay matte for my future reference 😉😉😉

Talk to you guys soon!


Agnes ❤️






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